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About Us

Global Interactive Solutions, is designed as global service provider who is focused in providing solution that is vital to small,mid-sized and large business (SMLB's); We provide technical expertise, manpower, assistance, low overhead cost that SMLB's need to meet. Global Interactive Solutions is more than just a service provider; It is the trusted partner of SMLB's. [more]


Elena Tudor
Sunday, June 27, 2010
Excellent cooperation, we are going to work with this service provider for a long term as we are very satisfied...
Marin Gabriel
Sunday, June 27, 2010
Great team, excellent communication skills. Definitely will work with them again. Marin Gabriel
The team did a great job. The new website looks really great; there is a real professional feel to it....

Company News

Are you familiar of the Loalde boutique? It’s a local clothing company which originated from Cebu City. Loalde is known...
DitoNa.com, one of the innovations of Global Interactive Solutions, Inc. has been chosen as the official media partner of Mozcom...
In 2004, Bigfoot Studios was constructed to serve as a production facility for Bigfoot Entertainment. The company also maintains a...

What we can offer

  • Website Design / Planning
  • Back-end Programming
  • Joomla Templates
  • Database Integration
  • Shopping Cart / E-Commerce

Why outsource to the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines can help your organization reduce costs, more time to market, simplify IT management, expand capabilities and resources, improve efficiency and reallocate resources to the highest value opportunities.