Koel op reis naar je favoriete vakantieland

Koel op reis naar je favoriete vakantieland     Als je op vakantie gaat met de auto kan het behoorlijk warm zijn. Het gebeurd dan ook vaak dat de hitte naar binnen toe trekt, waardoor jij in een super warme auto Read More


WoW Classic – Celebrate The Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is an event in WoW Classic. It is a commemoration of Azeroth’s heroes. It is based on the real-world celebration with the same name. The WoW Classic celebration is a small event, but it has some nice Read More


Welke kosten zitten er vast aan payroll?

Ben je meer tijd kwijt met zaken rondom je personeel? En wil je graag meer tijd besteden aan andere zaken? Kijk dan eens op de website van Payroll select. Dit bedrijf neemt administratieve en financiële zaken over. Maar ook voor Read More


FIFA 21: Best Players In The Game

Let us start with the fastest players in the game. The speed of the players in FIFA 21 depends on their pacing stat. The fastest players in the game are Adama Traoré from the Wolverhampton wanderers, Kylian Mbappé from Paris-Saint-Germain Read More


Madden NFL 21: The Game Is Finally Out

To say that the release of Madden NFL 21 has been a bumpy ride is a euphemism. Some of the bugs that the early access players had reported were still in the game. Electronic Arts resorted to the now infamous Read More

A mess at the workplace. Review of an idea from the book “Chaos” by Tim Harford

conversational marketing book Tim Harford’s book “Chaos” is about the impact of disorder on our lives and thinking. Using research from psychology and the social sciences, as well as examples from the lives of prominent people, the author explains that Read More


Weed and alcohol, what are the effects?

  There have always been and always will be aficionados of alcohol and weed on the others side. It’s a bit of the same battle as Apple fans and Android users. Although people who don’t like weed claim that it’s Read More