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Discover the components of a new greenhouse gas analyser

A greenhouse gas analyser is a tool that is used to analyse a variety of components in greenhouse gas. GAS developed an analyser has the option to measure for sulphur, terpenes, ammonia, and siloxanes. These options ensure that you have the possibility to merge a variety of standardised methods within one analyser. Using this method offers you high-value for your money. You can choose from a variety of different configurations. This makes it possible to set up the analyser in such a way that it suits your activities the best.

What safety protocols are being followed with the production of these analysers?

Are you curious to learn what makes GAS analyser products easy to use? They are turnkey solutions. This means that you can use them right away, from the moment of arrival. Every one of their products is produced adhering to multiple protocols. This way, you can be sure that using them will provide a safe working environment. Some of the protocols are listed here:

  • Gas Processors Association (GPA) 2261/2177/2186/2286
  • International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 6974/6975
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D1945/D1946

However, a GAS greenhouse gas analyser provides multiple advantages. For instance, it has a Calorific Value calculation integrated into the system. This calculation simplifies the workflow for the user, as it is simple to operate with minimum risk to errors. If you are in need of specific calculations, the system this analyser is flexible and you can easily add new calculations to the software. Next to the development of a greenhouse gas analyser, you can also contact GAS for technical training, application support, demo lab services and training courses.

Contact these experts for more information on your solution

Do you want more information about the possibility for a custom greenhouse gas analyser? The online experts of GAS can definitely help you by taking your wishes into consideration. They can develop a fitting solution for which they are more than happy to take your wishes into consideration. Schedule an appointment. You can find the contact information on the website from GAS.