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FIFA 21: Best Players In The Game

Let us start with the fastest players in the game. The speed of the players in FIFA 21 depends on their pacing stat. The fastest players in the game are Adama Traoré from the Wolverhampton wanderers, Kylian Mbappé from Paris-Saint-Germain and Alphonso Davies of Bayern Munich. They all have a pacing of 96 and they will help you outrun your opponents’ defenders. Other fast players that you will find in the game are Kensuke Nagai of FC Tokyo (95), Ismaila Sarr of Watford (94) or Sadio Mané from Liverpool (94).

The best passers in the game will help you create the best attack opportunities in the game. We are looking for players with the highest passing stat. The top three players in that list are Manchester city’s Kevin De Bruyne (93), FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi (91) and Real Madrid’s Tony Kroos (91). Other good passers are Real Madrid’s Luka Modric (89), Real Sociedad’s Davis Silva (88), or Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold (87). These players will give you the best accuracy in attack scenarios.

The best free kick takers will help you in converting every foul against you into goal occasions. A good free kick accuracy is necessary to be on this list. The best free kick taker in the game is Lionel Messi (94). His real life free kick skills are well documented. Some other good free kick takers are on the list. Levante’s Enis Bardhi (91), Paris-Saint-Germain’s Neymar Jr (89) or TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Robert Skov (89) will help you transform free kicks into goal with a little bit of training your opponents will fear you.

Lastly, let us discover the best dribblers in FIFA 21. The top three dribblers are Lionel Messi (95), Neymar Jr (94) and surprisingly Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard (92). The Belgian player has not found his pace since he arrived in Madrid and his last season performance was unimpressive. Cristiano Ronaldo almost closes the top 20 list with a dribbling stat of 89. FUTeamGo store offers you FUT 21 coins and players at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.