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How to give the best guided tour of your factory

A guided tour of the factory, premises or production hall is a fun way to give people an insight into the day-to-day operations of a company. But one problem that many tours face is unintelligibility. There is a lot of productivity during a tour, and a guide is therefore not always easy to understand.

The solution: a tour system. This is a tour set that allows you to give visitors to the factory a clear and understandable tour. There are a number of different possibilities for giving a factory tour, we will explain them one by one.

Tourguide tour system

The AXIWI factory tour headsets are sets that can be used to give a tour of the factory. The set is equipped with a number of chin restraints, the number of which you can choose. These consist of a receiver, to which a pair of earbuds is attached. All listeners are provided with a chinstrap receiver, which receives the signal from the microphone transmitter being tuned in to. The chinstrap is lightweight and will therefore not be perceived as disturbing.The chinstrap is turned on and off by means of an automatic switch. In this way an optimal battery capacity is guaranteed. The moment the brace is pulled open, the receiver is activated. At the moment that the stirrup is closed again, the system will switch off. The chinstrap is equipped with a large volume button and a push button with which the correct channel can be selected. The display shows the battery status, the quality of the “connection” and the channel on which the receiver is placed. It is also possible to connect headphones to the chinstrap.

The tour guide has the choice of a very slim headset microphone or a handheld transmitter. The use of a headset is recommended in noisy locations, such as factory halls, because the microphone is always close to the mouth and therefore there is little risk of disturbing sound “penetrating” between the mouth and the microphone.

Another major advantage is that the speaker has his or her hands free in this way.The system comes with a robust flight case. The system is delivered with a robust flight case in which the receivers and the transmitter can be safely stored for storage or transport.