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Safety in the lifting industry

An accident is in a small corner. This is certainly known in the lifting industry. It is therefore important that safety is properly guaranteed. Don’t have your security in order? Then this can cost not only money, but also a human life. It is therefore important to be well aware of working safely. What is involved in working safely? Read it here.

The right stuff: chest plate

In the lifting industry, it is first and foremost important that your employees have the right equipment. Don’t just think about the hoists, but also about a good chest plate. With the right equipment you ensure a good guarantee of safety.

Industrial Remote control

Good industrial remote control can also increase security. User-friendly, solid and reliable, that must be good industrial remote control. Choose the right brand for that and check with experts whether you have the right remote control.


Good stuff is one thing, good maintenance is also part of that. If there are not the right checks, there is a chance that lifting equipment no longer meets the safety requirements. Then serious accidents can occur.

Correct use

In addition, it must be ensured that employees are alert to correct use. Do not lift more than, for example, the maximum permitted load. If things go wrong otherwise, the financial and emotional consequences are incalculable.

The right way to deal with your employees

Employees who have to work more than is allowed under the collective labor agreement increases the risk of accidents. This is certainly a major risk in the lifting industry. After all, this not only ensures that employees are pushed to their limits and can become dissatisfied. It jeopardizes security. Did you know that, for example, lack of sleep is often dangerous in traffic, and therefore also at work, than being drunk? So ensure good employership and good working conditions.