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US raises age limit for sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes to 21 years

The age limit for buying tobacco products and e-cigarettes has been raised to 21 in the US. The FDA announced this today.

Last week, President Trump signed legislation that officially changed the age limit for purchasing the products. The FDA was expected to hold off on enforcing the law for a while, as no date was specified at the time of signing.


In the end, the authority waited one week. E liquids with the best taste are found online. “It is now illegal for any retailer to sell these products,” the FDA wrote in a recently added note to its information page about selling tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

Own initiative

Trump previously called raising the age limit for buying tobacco an important point in his policy. “We have to take care of our children,” he told reporters outside the White House in November. He received support in Congress from both Democrats and Republicans.

Nineteen states had already raised the age limit to 21 on their own initiative in recent years, including large states such as California and New York. In the Netherlands, the age limit for buying tobacco products is 18 years.


The fact that e-cigarettes in the US have also been included in the new legislation has to do with the lack of clarity about the health risks of electronic smoking products. Buy e-cigarettes online at a low price. At least 47 people in the US have died from e-cigarette smoking this year alone.