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Why Are Face to Face Exhibitions Better?

Speaking face to face is the easiest way to speak. Communication is clear, body language can be read and overall a situation can be assessed easier. New and innovative ways of speaking and hosting events has come to light, with the inability to meet face to face. Online platforms and video conference has grown significantly, making it possible to carry on with some work commitments.

The praise for the online video conferencing can’t be taken away and it’s shown how far technology has come, and how it can be used in a positive light. However, the hope is that video calling hasn’t become a preference over good old fashioned face to face communication.

1)      Body Language

Being face to face and in front of a customer at an event is the opportunity to see how they feel about you and your business. Not only are you able to listen intently to what they have to say but also aware of reactions to your conversation. You should be able to gage how the conversation went and after all, the aim of an event is to build relationships and bring on new customers.

2)      Building Trust & Relationships

The fact is people buy from people, and whilst the brand is part of that, the person representing your business is important. By standing in your exhibition space and passionately discussing your products and services, it’s easy for customers to see and understand what your business has to offer.

Furthermore, it’s also the first step in build those solid, long-term working relationships.

3)      Effective

Using the word effective seems such a basic explanation, but the word fits perfectly. Sending an email doesn’t add the right tone, over the phone is better but still has it’s flaws. Face to face communication is effective when it comes to speaking freely and in full details, allows you to set the tone of the conversation and steer the conversation into the right direction.

What’s more effective than that?