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Why Rotterdam is a good place to buy a house

If you want to buy a house in the Netherlands, there are many beautiful cities or villages you can choose from. However, buying your dream house is not so easy these days, as demand is much higher than supply, which causes extremely high prices. If you are a city person, probably the best city to start looking for a house is Rotterdam. This modern metropolis is in many ways a very nice place to live. This article will tell you why.

Rotterdam has a lot to offer

Rotterdam is a great city for almost everyone. Even though it is the second most populous city of the Netherlands, it is quite easy to explore on foot. It also has a very good public transport system when walking isn’t really your thing. If you love modern architecture, exploring Rotterdam will be a real treat. Its architecture is world-famous, with its magnificent skyline and other-worldly buildings. If you are into culture, Rotterdam also has a lot to offer: from music and cinema festivals to a vibrant nightlife. Rotterdam truly appeals to everyone.

Hire a real estate agent to help buy your dream home

As mentioned before, it is nowadays not easy to buy your dream house in Rotterdam. Since it is such a great city, everybody wants to live here, so demand is much higher than supply. A real estate agent can increase your chances of success. He knows the local housing market like the back of his pocket. He can ask the right questions for you and make sure you make the right bid. Moreover, he can also help you negotiate for the best buying price. Therefore, you have not only a higher chance of buying your desired house, you will probably also get it for a better price. 

In short, hiring a purchase broker is essential when you want to buy a house. Especially if you want to live in such a great city as Rotterdam!