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WoW Classic – Celebrate The Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is an event in WoW Classic. It is a commemoration of Azeroth’s heroes. It is based on the real-world celebration with the same name. The WoW Classic celebration is a small event, but it has some nice rewards so it is worth the time.

During the Harvest Festival, you can complete the Honoring a Hero quest. Alliance players will pick up this quest from the NPC named Wagner Hammerstrike. He can be found just outside Ironforge. You get a quest item called Uther’s Tribute. The objective of the quest is to place this item on Uther Lightbringer’s tomb. This is located in the Western Plaguelands. The quest is simple. The hard part, depending on what level you are, is getting there.

If you are lower than 40 and you don’t yet have a mount, get ready for a long and quite perilous journey. Make sure to pick up the flight paths in the new zones while you are on this quest. Higher level players can just take the flight path to the Western Plaguelands. The easiest way is to ask a warlock to summon you there. As a reward for completing the quest, you get a book about Uther.

Horde players get this quest from Javnik Nashak. This NPC is found outside Orgrimmar. The Horde hero that gets honored is Grom Hellscream so you will get the quest item called Grom’s Tribute. Hellscream’s tomb can be found in Ashenvale. Getting there is not easy if you are a low level player with no mount. The reward is a book about Hellscream. It also should be mentioned that the quest gives three gold and 96 silver as a reward which is not bad at all, especially for a low level player. It also gives 6,600 XP which is also nice. The reward also includes 200 reputation with your faction.

The two NPC quest givers are also fireworks sellers. They have a small selection of fireworks of different colors and effects. The fireworks cost 20, 40, or 50 copper, so anyone can afford to honor their faction’s heroes. The Harvest Festival also brings festival tables filled with food. These tables can be found outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Make sure to fill your bags and get as much food and drinks as possible. The food and drinks replenish 2% of your HP and mana per second. The Harvest Festival lasts for six days so you have plenty of time to complete the quests.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)