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Insight into the customer journey leads to more customers

Many entrepreneurs still often have no idea how their customers came to them exactly. Is it via social media, the website, an offline advertisement… no idea. Is this also the case with you? Then you may be missing out on a great opportunity. If you know the route customers follow before they become customers, you can respond more effectively.

Customer journey options

On average, a customer out of 7 has already come into contact with an expression of your company before they became a customer. The route can be very diverse. Then you also see routes that you do not expect. However, if you have insight into which customer your customers have, you can take that into account.

Suppose, for example, you know that people often come into contact with your company for the first time via social media, then it is smart to also optimally set up social media for new customers. That way you achieve maximum results.

Actually, everything is part of the customer journey: word of mouth advertising also falls under this from a phone call to the company. Do you want repeat customers? So, make sure you provide good service. Acquiring new customers every time, namely more money than keeping customers.

Voice of the customer

Another part of the customer journey is of course the customer himself. Do you know well enough who your target audience is? For example, if your target audience is very young, a medium like Facebook may not be so suitable anymore. Then TikTok’s Instagram might be more convenient to reach visitors. The formed voice of the customer is of particular importance in this regard. If you’re a young target audience, there’s a good chance that talking to you won’t work. Do you have high-end customers? Then there is also a specific use of language.

Expert party

Do you want to achieve the optimal effect? Then it is good to engage an expert party, so that you achieve the most optimal results. It is possible to pick it up yourself, but what you see in practice is that this does not get off the ground and that help is still needed later. This is much more expensive.