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Why you need IA Group's help

Modern legal services are not just about reducing costs or mitigating danger. They need to provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions in the digital age. CGIA Group’s roots are in Common Legal Services (e.g. consulting, tax, etc.). We see our services as an asset-light digital platform that connects clients with multiple advisers using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Because of the impact they can have on people’s lives, our advisers are top specialists from top universities working in our centres. This is what IA Group does and how they can help you:


Every five to 10 years, a company faces a legal problem. It is a reality of life. Unfortunately, a poor file preparation method or something similar will cause a legal issue that costs more than it brings in. However, you should avoid these legal issues as much as possible. Finding the ideal legal assistant to help you with legal prevention and costs is a complex process. It is important to have a legal support lawyer on your side to help you make the right choices. By doing so, you can increase your chances of receiving your bills paid.

With the rapid adoption of digital technology, clients and businesses are facing new legal issues, such as data protection and privacy. Regulators have often been unable to keep up with the pace of change. We can help you address these new issues and use technology to meet your legal requirements. Using NLP, we can identify and interpret new government policies and inform you as soon as they are issued. Non-compliance with regulations can also be identified through our system’s analysis of internal communications.


As the world becomes increasingly digital and sophisticated, the demand for legal services will only increase. People will look for simpler, more efficient and cheaper legal services as a result of these changes. The legal services industry will have to adapt to these changes. They will have to find ways to make their services more accessible, efficient and affordable. They will also have to invest in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to offer their clients better and more efficient services. Find out more about IA Group and what they can do for you.