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Yearly horoscope 2021: what does this mean for you?

Astrologers call 2021 “an enormously important year”. We need renewal, liberation and inventiveness. A movement set in motion by the legendary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius late last year. How does all this affect your zodiac sign? Discover it in the 2021 psychic predictions!

Saturn-Uranus: Tensions & Difficulties

The past year brought transformation, but also stress and changes. We had to shift our priorities. The year 2021 has a completely different energy! There are two very important astrological connections that will be in the spotlight in 2021. Both are about the awakening of a New Earth.

We already felt the first connection on December 21, 2020: the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. In addition, we strongly experience the astrological connection between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Uranus has been passing through the sign of Taurus for several years, and Saturn has been passing through Aquarius for the next two and a half years. The connection they make is a conflicting aspect, a so-called “square”.

In one aspect, two planets are connected. They work together or they work against each other. The latter is the case with a square. So it can cause difficulties and tensions. We are forced to find our way. But it also gives us the strength to solve the problems that a square presents over the course of the year.

Freedom & Independence

The aspect between Saturn and Uranus affects two different areas of life (houses). Only in a personal horoscope it becomes clear how exactly it affects your life. Of course astrologers can tell you what this square means to us in general. Freedom and independence clash with the old rules and structures. You can compare it a bit with the end of the 50s.

The economy had recovered, cities had been built. This required a thorough approach. Saturn stands for meticulous construction, in a calm manner, with rules and structures, norms and values. Work hard and take responsibility.

However Uranus wants to break free! We also saw this in the 1960s: provos, uprisings at universities, demonstrations against the ruling elite with its norms and values, resistance to the rules of the government. Uranus brought innovation, freedom, new structures and inventiveness. Sometimes it had to be “fought for”. We see the same thing happening now. More and more groups are resisting the rules that governments and companies impose on us. We are looking for freedom. We will see this even more in society in the coming years. And you will also feel this energy on a personal level.

Love & Relationships

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