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Madden NFL 21: The Game Is Finally Out

To say that the release of Madden NFL 21 has been a bumpy ride is a euphemism. Some of the bugs that the early access players had reported were still in the game. Electronic Arts resorted to the now infamous day one patch technique as a mean of damage control. The august 25 release (for special editions owners) came mostly with stability patches. The official release patch notes on august 28 were far longer. This patch fixed some issues in most of the game modes and added or updated some of the game content.

Concerning the reception of the game opinions are widely mixed. The only certain fact, as of now, is that the Yard mode is one of the highlights of the game. As we had guessed at the time, the fans like the quicker and less demanding gameplay of the mode. Even people not familiar with the rules of American football can enjoy an occasional match. The idea to introduce arcade gameplay in a simulation is not new but in the case of Madden, it is a wonderful addition.

Unfortunately, the rest of the game lacks the punch of the Yard. Before the release of the game most of the fans had voiced their concerns about the Franchise mode. Not only were they right in that regard, but the rest of the game also feels bland. The main issue is that the game does not feel like a next-gen Madden. There are not enough new features and the veterans of the franchise will feel it. Electronic Arts seems to have kept what was working in the previous entries of the series and nothing more.

The result, now that the full game is uninspiring to say the least. The Madden Ultimate team mode also feels redundant for the moment. The fans who have invested time and resources in MUT 20 will surely feel a hint of disappointment. Let us be clear the game is by no mean bad, it is not just as good as it could have been. Electronic Arts has promised future patches so we can hope for good news in the next weeks. You can buy Madden 21 coins at the best price on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.