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NBA 2k21: Players’ Ratings

In a game like NBA 2K21, the players stats are important. The fans expect the game to reflect the real life performances of their favorite players. The problem with NBA 2K21 is that some of the stats are unrealistic.Let us review some of the worst offenders in that regard. Lebron James and Steph Curry for example had some strange blocking ratings at launch. Curry had a blocking rating of 55 while James was at 51. This created an outrage among basketball fans and the devs had to patch that mistake. Lebron is now at 64 while Curry is at 50.

A few days ago, the fans discovered another huge incoherence in the players’ ratings. The victims this time around are Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonard. In the game Giannis has better mid-range shot rating than Kawhi. It is strange to see when we know that Kawhi is one of the best mid-range players of the league, if not the best. It would not be so terrible if Giannis were a good mid-range player. The fans have reacted immediately and expressed their disappointment on twitter 2K games has not reacted for the moment.

Another case of bad ratings has taken a hilarious turn on Twitter. Josh Hart (who had already criticized his note in the game) has tweeted about the fact that he had a better athletic rating than LonzoBall. His tweet, “2k got me more athletic than Lonzo Ball IVE BEEN TELLING YALL I GOT BOUNCE” received an answer from his teammate Lonzo who replied with four laughing smileys. Eric Paschall also reacted to Hart’s tweet in a less amused tone. According to him, his athletic rating (of 80) is clearly underwhelming.

These examples are just the most obvious ones. The fans keep discovering other instances of unrealistic ratings as the days go by. Fortunately, 2K games has started correcting some of the game’s biggest ratings problems.

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