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Treat your dog to a fun donut toy or a new collar set

Do you want to buy sustainable dog products that are also modern, stylish and colorful? Then Approved by Fritz is the brand for you! The core values of this brand are: colorful, modern and sustainable. Their products, such as their dog collar set, are inspired by the colors and hustle and bustle of New York City. These products are very stylish and modern, but also very sustainable. Approved by Fritz uses recycled materials, made from plastic bottles, to produce their fun products. Other products, like their fun donut dog toy, are made from upcycled denim.

These products were designed with you and your dog in mind

How can you be sure that your dog will love the collar set you buy for it? That’s simple: the products by this brand were rigorously quality-checked by their in-house expers, Fritz the dog! This brand’s owner adopted Fritz from a shelter in 2021 and wants to motivate other potential dog owners to adopt their dog from a shelter as well. Whether it is a harness or a dog bed, the owners of this company spend hours on each and every product, but in the end it is Fritz who gives the final seal or approval. Do you want to support other dogs, like Fritz, that live in shelters? A portion of the proceeds from this company’s products go to non-profit organizations that help dogs in need!

Find the fun and colorful dog products that fit your style

Do you want to know more about this brand’s products, like their dog collar set or donut toy? Fritz and his humans will gladly tell you everything you want to know. You can easily contact the people of Approved by Fritz via the contact information on their website. Whether you want to know about their sustainability efforts or shipping policies, they will gladly answer your questions.